------------------------------RACEWAY AQUACULTURE------------------------------

Raceways are culture units, in which water flows continuously, making a single pass through the unit before being discharged. These systems are also referred to as flow through systems.
                  Raceway aquaculture, or a flow-through system, uses a continuously running source of water and is a profitable method of raising fish. Many farmers around the world have using this method where water is sourced from a stream or spring and made to flow continuously through man-made canals or channels into purpose-built ponds.

Details of raceways--raceway , also known as a flow through system is an artificial channel used in aquaculture to culture aquatic organisms. Raceway systems are among the methods used for inland aquaculture. A raceway usually consists of rectangular basins or canals constructed of concrete and equipped with an inlet and outlet. A continuous water flow-through is provided to provide the highest level of water quality, which allows animals to be cultured at higher densities within the raceway.Species such as trout , catfish and tilapia are commonly cultured in raceways. Raceways are also used for some marine species which need a constant water flow, such as juvenile salmon , brackish water sea ​​bass and sea bream and marine invertebrates such as abalone .  These systems are also referred to as flow through systems. The residence time of water in a raceway is very short usually on the order of a few minutes instead of hours or days in ponds.
A simple flowchart depict Raceway system

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