Aquaponics is a sustainable and intensive food production system.

Two agricultural products (fish and vegetables) are produced from one nitrogen source.

This is extremely water efficient i.e in aquaponics their is significant reduction in the usage of water.

 Aquaponics does not require soil.

 Aquaponics does not use fertilizers or chemical pesticides.

 Aquaponics system is environment friendly.

 Higher yields and qualitative production.

 Organic like management and production.

Higher level of bio-security and lower risks from outer contaminants.

 Higher control on production leading to lower losses.

 Aquaponics can be used on non arable land such as deserts, degraded soil or salty, sandy islands.

 Aquaponics mechanism creates little waste.

Daily tasks, harvesting and planting are labour saving and therefore can include all genders and ages.

Economical production of either family food production or cash crops in many locations.

Construction materials and information base are widely available.

Plant growth is also very fast. 

It's easier to setup for year round use.

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