The FCR is simply the amount of feed it takes to grow a kilogram of fish. For example, if it requires five  kilograms of feed to grow one kilogram of fish, the FCR would be five .

                                           FCR=5 KG FEED/1 KG FISH=5
In this case FCR represents the number of units of ‘dry’ aqua feed required to produce a unit of ‘wet’ fish or crustacean.

The F.C.R. is the mathematical relationship between the input of the feed that has been fed and the weight gain of a species. There are no measurement units used in writing the F.C.R. 

Feed conversion ratio (FCR) or Feed conversion rate is a ratio or rate measuring the efficiency with which the bodies of fishes or any other livestock convert animal feed into the desired output.The feed conversion ratio (FCR) is a measure of feed efficiency that is used for all livestock production.This means that when a feed has a low FCR, it takes less feed to produce one kilogram of fish then it would if the FCR were higher. A low FCR is a good indication of a high quality feed.

In more simple words FEED CONVERSION RATIO or FCR  is the amount (kg) of feed needed to produce 1 kg fish.  


The most important tool for the farmers to sustain in fish farming  is FCR . It allows for an estimate of the feed that will be required in the growing cycle. Thus by this knowledge farmers can easily determine  how much feed will be needed which  allows a farmer to estimate  the profitability of an aquaculture enterprise. This means that FCR allows the farmer to make wise choices in selecting and using feed to maximize profitability.
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