The GOLDFISH  is a freshwater fish in the family cyprinidae of order cyprinformes .  It is one of the most commonly aquarium fish.The Common Goldfish is a small member of the Cyprinidae family of carp fish.The goldfish is one of the most popular fish to keep as pets in aquariums, fish bowls, or small ponds. They are actually the most common household pet.
GOLDFISH are  relatively small member of the  carp family  the goldfish is  confined mainly to East ASIA. It was first selectively bred in Ancient China more than a thousand years ago, and several distinct breeds  have since been developed. Goldfish breeds vary in size, body shape, fin configuration and colour .Their colour are the combinations of white, yellow, orange, red, brown, and black.There are many kinds of goldfish. The most common kind is golden-colored. Many gold fish have fancy tails. Another common kind is called a black moor, which is black colored.

GOLDFISH were originally from China.GOLDFISH are domesticated first in china.

For every year of a GOLDFISH life the fish develops a ring on its scales. Those rings are called circuli. Thus the numbers of rings determines the fish's age.
There are many types or breeds of GOLDFISH. They can vary in size, colour, and shape.
GOLDFISH are very sensitive.So they should not be touched.
A well kept GOLDFISH in the perfect environment can live for years. There are instances where goldfish have lived over 40 years. This type of longevity is rare.
GOLDFISH can vary in size they can grow to over 30 cm in length.

GOLDFISH have a longer memory they can learn and remember things.

GOLDFISH can be trained because of their sharp memory.
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