OMPOK PABDA is an indigenous catfish belongs to the family Siluridae of the order Siluriformes. OMPOK PABDA is a genus of fish in the family Siluridae  found in  lakes  and large rivers throughout South and Southeast Asia. It mainly confined to Bangladesh,India Pakistan,Afghanistan, Myanmar and Bhutan.It is also known as BUTTER CATFISH.


Total length of the female individuals varied from 17.0 cm (22 g) to 33.0 cm (171.50 g) and the males from 16.30 cm to 29.30 cm. So, the females of Ompok pabda have had relatively greater weight and length than that of males.
Ompok Pabda's body is elongated and laterally compressed with dorso-ventrally flattened head. Snout rounded. There are no scale in their body. Ompok Pabda colour is silvery grey with back side as darkest and fading white on the belly.It has Superior mouth with longer lower jaw. Eyes sub-cutaneous and barbels two pairs, of which maxillary pair extends to end of pectoral or middle of anal fin. Dorsal fin situated above on last half of pectoral. Pectoral fin with smooth spine. Caudal forked with rounded lobes and downwards direction.In some may have two longitudinal bands, one above and other below the lateral line.


PABDA is omnivores. Feeds on algae, protozoa,roots of some higher plants,  crustaceans, a little quantity of mud and sand.It also consumes small fish.They also feeds on supplementary fish feed. 

OMPOK PABDA have undergone a steady decline due to over exploitation, loss of habitat, disease, pollution, siltation, poisoning, and destructive fishing methods. Thus the fish has been categorized as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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