Types of fish

Depending upon the habitats and characteristics there are a variety of fish available on the world. These fishes can be divided into FRESH WATER fish and MARINE WATER fish.

Fresh water fish:

These fishes are found in the water bodies such as lakes and rivers in which the salinity is less than 0.05%. The fish species which live and grow in freshwater is simply known as freshwater fish. Fish species of freshwater can’t survive in saltwater. More than 41% of all known species of fish are found in fresh water .Freshwater fish differ physiologically from salt water fish in several respects. Their gills must be able to diffuse dissolved gasses while keeping the salts in the body fluids inside. They also have well developed kidney to reclaim salts from body fluids before excretion.

 Some common freshwater fishes are-------------






Marine fish:

Fishes that are capable of living in the sea water are known as marine fish. Marine water fish are also known as salt water fish. Tropical climate is required for most of the marine fish to survive. Every species of the marine creature have their own appearance, environmental needs, nutritional requirements, reproduction capability, and compatibility .Saltwater fish can swim and live alone or live in a large group together, called a school of fish. Saltwater fish are very commonly kept in aquariums for entertainment. Many saltwater fish are also caught to be eaten. Marine water fishes can  be carnivores, herbivores or omnivores . Herbivores in the ocean eat things such as algae and flowering sea grasses.   Many herbivores diets consist of primarily algae. Most saltwater fish will eat both macroalgae and microalgae. Many fish eat red, green, brown, and blue algae, but some fish prefer certain types. Most saltwater fish that are carnivores will never eat algae under any circumstances. Carnivores diets consist of shrimp and plankton.

Some common marine water fish are--------------





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