How To Become Merchant Exporter & Ornamental Fish Exporter

This is the second part of HOW TO BECOME  FISH EXPORTER. Lets discuss in details


Merchant Exporter is an exporter who does not own or operate a Processing Plant or handling facility but utilizes the surplus capacity of a processing plant or handling facility and whose name has been endorsed on the certificate of registration of processing plant or handling facility.
Regional and Sub-regional Offices shall not register new Merchant Exporters and the application and supporting documents complete in all respects shall be forwarded to Head Office online for further action.
Bank Guarantee: - The new Merchant Exporters of frozen marine products should submit a Bank Guarantee of Rs.15 lakh for a period of 5 years to MPEDA for enforcing accountability and for honouring the settlement in cases of quality complaints and trade disputes.
If the merchant exporter has prematurely terminated an earlier agreement, he shall be given only one more chance to enter into another agreement.

Merchant Exporters shall fulfill the following conditions highlighted in the guidelines for obtaining exporter registration:

  1. The certificate of registration as an exporter issued to a Merchant Exporter shall indicate the name and number of the Processing Plant / Handling Facility and the Storage premises the production from which alone the holder is allowed to export.
  2. The name and number of the Merchant Exporter utilizing the surplus capacity of Processing Plant or Handling Facility shall be endorsed on the certificates of registration or Processing Plant / Handling Facility and Storage premises.
  3. Merchant Exporters shall enter into a regular written agreement with the owner of the Processing Plant or Handling Facility.


Route Through Merchant Exporter is an Export House, Trading House, Star Trading House or Super Star Trading House approved by the Director General of Foreign Trade.
Regional/Sub-regional Offices may after duly filling the check lists for verification of application for registration as a Route Through Merchant Exporter issue certificate online to those who holds a certificate of approval issued by the DGFT indicating that the firm is having the status of either an Export House, or a Trading House, or a Star Trading House or a Super Star Trading House.


Ornamental Fish Exporter is an exporter of ornamental fish and aquatic plants only.The process of registration is same but in this type one cannot allow to export the live fish for human consumption.

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